The Festival

Parade’s over—time to rock!

  • Tickets are $10
  • No coolers or pets
  • You must be 18+ to attend

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Hal’s St. Paddy’s Festival
Location: Gates open 1:00pm on Commerce Street in front of Hal & Mal's


The Molly Ringwalds

Hailing from Sheffield, England, the quintet has grown from building a following at pubs to selling out large venues across the United States.

The Molly Ringwalds create a true 80s experience with hair, make up and costumes that transport concert goers right to the middle of the radical decade.

The band was voted “Best Rock Band” in cities throughout the southern US and have been delivering dynamic, high-energy rock performances to thousands for more than 15 years!

The Molly Ringwalds’ one-of-a-kind lineup consists of:

  • Sir Devon Nooner – Lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer
  • Platinum Randi Wilde – Lead guitar, vocals
  • Dickie English – Synthesizers, Vocals
  • Sir Liam Thunders – Drums, vocals
  • Lord Philip Wang – Bass guitar, vocals

Keep up with The Molly Ringwalds on their social media accounts and be on the watch for some surprises throughout the year!

Mustache the Band

Mustache The Band is the 90's Country Party Band that'll grow on you. Mustache delivers a powerful performance of all of the favorite country hits from the 1990's. With well over 100 songs under their buckles, you are guaranteed to have a non-stop party on your hands. Mustache The Band will take you on a journey back into the 90's... Back when sleeveless tanks, high tops, two paneled button downs, and mustaches ruled country music. In order to set the tone at every show, the fans are provided with their very own mustaches to enjoy. If the crowd is ready to get down on the farm, then Mustache The Band will take them there.


The Funk Band FREEDOM once signed with MALACO Records is back! And FREEDOM is one of the hottest acts on the market today. This band that hails from the State of Mississippi has shared the stage with such Funk Bands as The BARKAYS, CAMEO, CONFUNKSHUN, LAKESIDE, SOS, MAZE and many more. FREEDOM is known for capturing their audiences and pulling them into a spirit of funk and partying like they’ve never seen or felt before.

FREEDOM first arrived on the scene in 1978 with their hit song “Get Up and Dance”. This song was a regional hit in the South and on the East Coast, and is considered the rite of passage for any artist in the early Hip Hop days that wanted to rock a microphone. It’s equipped with a clever kazoo line over a funky bass and drum rhythm and a trumpet riff that is still being sampled to this very day. FREEDOM went on to record three CD’s with MALACO Records scoring with other hit songs such as “Dance Sing Along” and “Freedom Funk it up”.

However it was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five along with Sugar Hill Records who quickly snatched the “Get up and Dance” hit and remade it entitling the song after the band calling it “FREEDOM” which earned them a gold record in 1980.

This song soon became an instant classic and was used by virtually every 80’s and 90’s artist in the business. It was sampled for the movie New Jack City by ESSENCE and titled “Rhythm to the Lyrics”, also recorded by SWV for the movie Above the Rim and titled “Anything” and a by host of other well known artist as well.

Yes Freedom is back and with a high energy stage show that’s nothing less than spectacular. If you’re interested in the experience of authentic old school funk you should check out FREEDOM.